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Welcome To SaveThePaws

We, the team of Save The Paws, are a group of people working towards the rehabilitation and re-homing of abused and abandoned dogs. We do this by arranging adoption camps at various locations across Mumbai. These adoption camps invite rescuers from all over the city to bring their rescued animals and be able to meet with so many potential adopting families. All the funds that we collect during the adoption camps as registration charges, go towards feeding and rescue of other dogs. So far, we have successfully organized more than 20 adoption camps and have seen more than 300 rescued animals starting a new and better life with their forever families.

We Need Your Help

You have the power to change the lives of numerous beings by donating a small amount to our cause. Your generous contribution will go towards the upkeep and running of our shelter and in the service of the animals we rescue, allowing us to continue the work we do and make lives better for our four legged friends. Noble donations from the community keep us going and allow us to: feed our rescues and strays, pay the veterinary bills of the animals who need medical attention, vaccinations, de-worming, rehabilitating among other things, allowing us to rescue and find forever homes for more animals while also working on increasing our capacity to help more in need.

Feeding the voiceless!

We support feeding of more than 300 dogs across Mumbai by this program.
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Rescuing abused/abandoned animals!

Hundreds of pets and strays are abused and/or abandoned in Mumbai every year!
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Ambulance Service

This will help hundreds of voiceless animals every year around Mumbai city.
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How To Help Us

The smallest gesture can have the loudest impact! A small donation, fostering our fur-babies, considering adoption, advocating and educating other about rehabilitating shelter animals has the power to change the lives of so many creatures at our shelter. We believe that these animals can change the lives of individuals and families for the better and they deserve a forever home but not everyone can provide a forever home for a multitude of reasons. If you are one of them and still want to do your part, here is what you can do.

Send Donation

Considering opening your hearts and wallets to us. All donations go towards the rescue, rehabilitation, accommodation, treatment and nourishment of animals. A small contribution on your part can be a huge change for another soul

Become Volunteer

If you cannot commit to an adoption, consider fostering one of our babies because a lot of animals need our help and we do not have the heart to turn anyone away. Being a pit-stop for these babies while they find their forever homes would be a great help.

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We've put together some commonly asked questions to give you more information.If you have a question that you can't find here, please visit the FAQ Page.

Save The Paws rescues and rehomes abused and abandoned animals through their adoption camps and with the help of their large social media family on Instagram, Facebook and Whatsapp.

At present, Save The Paws operates only in the Mumbai metropolitan region with very limited resources.

Unfortunately, Save The Paws does not have its own shelter, so we are unable to accommodate more than a few rescues at a time.

Save The Paws partners with local pet boarding centers to temporarily accommodate their rescued animals till they get adopted.

Save The Paws also participates in feeding programs for stray animals, awareness sessions with school kids as well as video conversations with industry experts (veterinarians, psychologists, etc.) to help spread knowledge and awareness about the rights and duties of us as Indian citizens towards the voiceless.

We have been fortunate enough and are really grateful to all our partners and donors for generously helping our organization in their own capacity. As an NGO, we solely depend on donations on a case by case basis and on crowdfunding platforms for everyday operations.

Save The Paws does not hire salaried employees due to the lack of sufficient funding. However we do have unpaid internship programs and volunteering opportunities, if you are interested in either of these opportunities you should look up at the current open positions on our "Join Us"page.

Our team is comprised of volunteers working for the organization by taking time out of their everyday lives for their love of animals. With the ever increasing family of ours on social media platforms, it has been getting really difficult to stay on track and reply to every dm, however, rest assured that we are still working on a way to make it happen as we are growing as a team.

Our Team

Saving lives is a full time job and it can never be done by one person. Meet our warriors, the soul of Save The Paws that relentlessly works to make life for our four-legged friends better!

Core Team

Poonam Malhotra Gidwani

Founder & Managing Director

Ishan Doshi

Technical Director

Vinay Makhija

Core Team Member

Ayesha Kazi

Core Team Member

Namrata Gandhi

Core Team Member

Payal Saxena

Core Team Member

Avinash Upadhyay

Core Team Member

Board of Directors

Vinay Malhotra


Manju Malhotra


Gaurav Gidwani


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